Monday, 12 September 2011

American paint demo - feedback and photos

Suellen Perold’s Introduction
to the Daniel Smith Rangeof Paints

by Ann Harris

Suellen, from the USA, has family connections and regularly visits South Africa. Through contact with BAASA, she gave a talk on the Daniel Smith range of paints, which are largely of unknown to us. Suellen, an enthusiastic botanical painter herself, has tried and tested the paints in her work. She introduced us to the colours through colour dots on art paper as well as leaving an extensive palette with more generous squeezes of paints.
Of interest to me was the Quinacridone Rangeof colours, which are particularly transparent and seem to glow with light. After making swatches, I zoned in on two colours, Quinacridone Coral and Quinacridone Pink. The Q. Pink is a good lightfast substitute for W & N fugitive Opera Rose and the Q. Coral caught my attention for its clear, coral tones. I know that I am going to use them on my flowers and specifically roses! I have checked out the Daniel Smith range of colours in MichaelWilcox School of Colour and found that all the colours I looked up had glowing reviews on permanency, application, quality and manufacture.
Helene Joubert looked up their website and found that they offer colour dot sheets of various ranges, priced from £4 to £9 for the full range. This is the way to test colours and beats a printed colour chart hands down! 
Through a friend I have ordered a tube each of Q. Pink and Q. Coral and await their arrival in South Africa with anticipation. It would be nice to find a supplier in South Africa.

Suellen Perold

Demonstrating Daniel Smith watercolours

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