Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Some Photos from Sarah Simblet's Gauteng Workshop

Sarah showing how it's done
Fiona doing the 'langarm' & Karen on her 2nd
Debbie drawing a masterpiece

Everyone hard at work
Zoom in to read the titles of Ann Harris's portraits


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the two days. I did not go with the expectation that she would teach us to draw in ink in 2 days. I went to see her work and hear her story. She was very generous in sharing her work and methodologies, which I appreciated. It was a one off opportunity to hear the inside story on how an author of such a book goes about the process. It was fascinating. If I decide to work in this medium it is up to me to experiment and develop my own style. Thank you for arranging exposure to an artist of this calibre.

    As an aside I came across another UK based artist working in ink and doing drawings of trees. Her name is Sarah Woolfenden. I attach the link to her site if it should be of interest to anyone else. It is interesting to compare the two Sarah’s styles and an introduction to artists like this gives one ideas on the use of ink and illustrates the point on developing one’s own style.


  2. Found the workshop very inspiring and her enthusiasm is contagious. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Technique one can always practice, it is the freedom to create and see things in a new way that is important.


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