Monday, 8 July 2013

Critique Session Feedback: BAASA Gauteng June 2013

Sally Townshend, Eileen Bass, Gill Condy, Helene Joubert (hidden), Fiona Manicom, Julie Ah-Fa and Sue Cochrane (lt to rt) in roundtable discussion. Photo: Ronelle Oosthuizen

A wonderful opportunity was made available on 08 June for Gauteng members to take their work for a feedback session before submitting their scans to Kirstenbosch for the Biennale. Work varied from unfinished paintings to miniature drawings to completed works and it was good to see the diversity. Gill Condy, our chairman and resident artist at SANBI, was at hand to offer advice with any problems. Everyone was encouraged to give critique in this non-threatening forum and some new and refreshing comments were offered. It was a useful session for everyone concerned - even Gill had it pointed out to her that she had an unfinished leaf on one of her Kirstenbosch submissions.

However, this meeting was not only for artists who were painting for Kirstenbosch, but for any artist who had work in progress and wanted feedback, as well as those who didn't have a painting at all, but wanted to participate and see other people's work. It was also an ideal opportunity for those who are not lucky enough to be able to attend the Biennale to get to see some Biennale paintings close up.

Photo: Ronelle Oosthuizen
Do remember that any of our meetings and workshops can be used to bring along any work you are busy with if you wish to get help and advice from fellow artists - it is always good to have a fresh view from someone else when one has been very close to a project for a while. Other people often see things we overlook or don't notice and can give some really helpful feedback.

Thank you to Sue Cochrane for once again opening up her home and offering the use of her dining room table, as well as to those members who participated in the forum.

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