Monday, 24 February 2014

Six Items Needed in an Artist's Toolkit

Time: Set aside a time every day. It should be at least an hour, preferably a lot more. Include weekends and statutory holidays.
Space: Find a space that is always yours--where you can set up and work in continuity. It need not be large, but it ought to be yours.
Series: Do a series of explorations toward tangible goals--say 100 pieces of work in one direction or another. Then start another series.
Media: Choose a medium that intrigues you. Realize that the potential of all media is going to be greater than at first realized. Be prepared for frustration.
Books: "How-to" and art-history books are better than ever. They are your best teachers and friends. With books, you can grow at your own speed and in your own direction.
Desire: Know that desire is more important than any other factor. Desire comes from process. Process reinforces desire and desire becomes love. You need love in your kit.

(with thanks to Robert Genn)

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