Wednesday, 10 September 2014

World Orchid Conference Botanical Art Exhibition 2014

Just some of the artwork on exhibition
Gold Medal Winner Jenny Hyde-Johnson (South Africa)
Silver Medal Winner Deborah Lambkin (Ireland)
Bronze Medal Winner Daleen Roodt (South Africa)
Bronze Medal Winner Sue Wickison (New Zealand)
Merit Award Janet Snyman (South Africa)
Merit Award Gillian Condy (South Africa)
List of Awards:

Gold medal
Jenny Hyde-Johnson (South Africa) Eulophia zeyheri

Silver medals
Deborah Lambkin (Ireland) RHS Award Orchids
Chan Yoke Heng (Malaysia) Oncidium Golden

Bronze medals
Daleen Roodt (South Africa) Eulophia zeyheri
Beverly Allen (Australia) Stanhopea tigrina
Sue Wickison (New Zealand) Odontoglossum harrianum

Merit Awards
Karen Comins (South Africa) Paphiopedilum (rothschildianum x parishii)
Willie Schlechter (South Africa) Dry Orchid Flowers
Janet Snyman (South Africa) Phalaenopsis Nobby’s Amy
Sue Williams (England) Paphiopedilum callosum ‘Black Jack’
Sue Williams (England) Zen II, white Phalaenopsis and black bamboo
Gillian Condy (South Africa) Mystacidium villosa

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