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Rare first and only edition of an exceptionally beautiful book

I like the "Intended for young ladies" bit.


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Rare and beautiful model prints for flower painting, intended for young women,
by a leading Meissen porcelain painter

LÜCK, Johann Friedrich (or a son).  Eerste handleiding tot de bloem- teken- schilder- en borduurkonst, in XXIV. voorbeelden van bloemen en vruchten, in omtrekken en kleuren, nevens eene tafel der onderscheidene verwen.
Amsterdam, W. Holtrop, 1802. Oblong 8vo (text) and oblong small 4to (plates) (12 x 17.5 cm). With loose full-page engraved colour-key plate showing 66 numbered small rectangles, hand-coloured as samples of watercolours, and 24 loose full-page engraved plates, each with a pair (or in one case 2 pair) of nearly identical flowering or fruit-bearing plants (plate size 9.5 x 14 cm), the left-hand examples left uncoloured and the right-hand examples coloured as a guide. Complete with the undated prospectus (one 8vo leaf, 22.5 x 12.5 cm, printed on both sides) with an engraved tulip at the head, nearly identical to no. 13 in the plates, but differently coloured. Loose in (later?) green paper wrapper, in contemporary slipcase covered with marbled paper. The 25 prints with gilt edges.

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€ 15000

Saalmink, p. 1195 (1 copy); Picarta (same copy); WorldCat (same copy).
Rare first and only edition of an exceptionally beautiful model book for painting, colouring and embroidery, mainly of flowers and fruits, designed by a painter from the famous Saxon porcelain factory at Meissen. The title-page merely calls him "Lück", but he must be either Johann Heinrich Lück (1727-1797), one of the most famous Meissen porcelain painters, or (since it does not indicate that he had recently died) possibly a son. The booklet accompanying the prints includes 11 pages of instructions and advice, and a numbered list of the 66 pigments used for the colour key.
The prospectus includes a numbered list of the flower plates (and notes the colour key), a French poem by De Lille (both also present in the album itself), and a letter by the publisher addressed to "Nederlandsche Juffers" (Dutch young ladies), especially recommending Lück's models for their "creations with brush and needle". If accepted gratefully, the publisher would consider a second volume as well, but none appeared. We have located only one other copy (at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam).
In fine condition. Rare popular guide to flower painting, intended for young ladies, by a leading painter of Meissen porcelain.

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