Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The art of plants - The Witness Garden Show 23-25 September

The meticulous detail of a plant showing flowers, bud, seed and root system is the basis of a botanical picture, but it is much more than that as members of the Botanical Artists Association SA will demonstrate at this year’s The Witness Garden Show. 

Grown out of the need to document plant specimens when dried plant material and restrictions prevented botanists from detailing their findings, botanical art has become a great art form that has become popular for adorning walls around the country. 

Interested artists can now attend workshops using various mediums such as 
water colour, pen and ink, graphite, aquarelle and polychrome pencil crayons hosted by the branches of the non-profit Botanical Artists Association SA in the Western Province, Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal. 
Their aim is to promote and develop the artistic standards of members, to encourage ongoing training and education of members as well as to encourage participation in exhibitions. 

This year for the first time a national botanical art show will be held at The Witness Garden Show from the 23-25 September in the Craft Hall. Apart from the beautiful art pieces in display and for sale the members will also have demonstrations on various art mediums.

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