Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Dead Leaves

Willie Schlechter Course in Gauteng - 07 to 09 April 2017

The theme of 'Dead Leaves' was perfect for this time of the year as autumn has set in to Gauteng.

We were asked to focus on putting in layer upon layer of neutrals to build up the form. Some beautiful colours were mixed, but Payne's Grey was definitely banned from the class (as it should be from all paint palettes).

Willie is a very patien​t teacher coaxing the best out of each artist. It was a good exercise for most of us to slow down and focus on form and fine details. We did not all complete our one leaf during the three days, but it was a wonderful fun time in the studio.


The Group with Willie

All the projects

Discussion time

The success of this workshop was the result of ​everyone's positive participation​, which is​ the recipe that makes a workshop of this nature a very happy and enjoyable learning experience.

Above all a very big thanks to Gill who remains the driving force and commitment to the art and our ongoing botanical journey to personal perfection. ​She is the person who does all the ground work in making gem moments like this happen. Thank you Gill​.


A happy vibe