Thursday, 3 January 2019

A second chance on life: Khadia beswickii - PlantLife SA

A second chance on life: Khadia beswickii (khadiwortel) translocation at South Hills, Johannesburg

Text by: Chris J.G. van Niekerk and Stefan J. Siebert
Photographs by:  Chris J.G. van Niekerk and Stefan J. Siebert

Khadia beswickii in flower
Khadia is a genus in the “Vygie” family (Aizoaceae / Mesembryanthemaceae) and is known as khadiwortel (Afr).   The genus name is derived from the Setswana word “Khadi” which is the name of the beer brewed from the roots of Khadia (Figure 2). The roots are used as an additive to alcoholic fermentation to add extra “strength”.  

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from PlantLife SA Vol 46:9, December 2019