Monday, 7 September 2009

News: BAASA member wins international prize for 'Baobab'

Eileen Bass, who is also a member of the Miniature Art Society of South Africa, recently won the prize for "Best Drawing executed in Pencil" for her drawing "Baobab" at the 18th International Miniature Art Show which was held in North Carolina, USA.
Well done Eileen!

To read a report on the show click here.
To see the artwork click here.

Please diarise:
The Miniature Art Society of South Africa is having their next Annual Exhibition at Hyde Park Centre (near Exclusive Books) from Monday, 5th to Sunday, 11th October 2009.

Friday, 4 September 2009

"Flowers" Mass Demonstration - Centurion Watercolour Society

The mass demonstration with the theme "Flowers" which was organised by the Centurion Watercolour Society was held on Saturday afternoon on 15 August, and was fairly well attended by members from BAASA's Pretoria group.

Gill Condy was there representing BAASA, and although there were only 7 artists demonstrating in total, it was still interesting to see every one's entirely unique style and approach to painting floral subjects.

Linda Fourie, from the Centurion Watercolour Society, painted a rose in transparent glazes.

Gillian Condy represented BAASA and worked on her painting of the very rare Aloe peglerae, which is endemic to Gauteng and the North West Province.

Mary Lynn Kidd represented the Miniature Art Society of South Africa, and painted a miniature floral arrangement.

Click here for more information on the Aloe peglerae