Thursday, 14 May 2015

More JBAE 2015 photos

Farhat Iqbal's impressive Entada rheedii
Clare Wood obscuring her lovely Erythrina latissima
Proud Sandy Labuschagne
Ann Harris with Crinum bulbispermum
Gwenda Caplan with her paintings and admirers
Kelly Higgs with 'Mixed Flowers and Scarlet Ibis'

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

JBAE Opening Night & Walkabouts

Don't forget to visit the JBAE that is currently on until Friday 15 May at 13h00.

There will be walkabouts for artists at the following times:
  • Thursday 14 May at 13h00 with Ann Harris
  • Friday 15 May at 10h30 with Gillian Condy
  • Friday 15 May at 12h00 with Ann Harris
Overall view
Many lovely works
Our hard working organisers: Ann Wanless & Ann Harris
Mary Jones, Rose Vermeulen & Helene Joubert
Gill Condy with loyal supporters Strilli & Nicky Oppenheimer
More photos to follow soon.............

Friday, 8 May 2015

Good Luck to the 2015 JBAE Artists and some inspiration for everyone

"Good Luck!" to all our artists who are exhibiting at the 2015 JBAE, opening on Monday. Here's to a wonderful exhibition and hope you get plenty of exposure.

And for those who aren't exhibiting (and those who are too) isn't this the most stunning work from Fiona Strickland?
Papaver, Falling apart
Fiona Strickland

See it in this free pdf magazine from with more truly inspirational botanical work by both Fiona Strickland and Robert McNeill.

Enjoy the weekend!