Friday, 15 June 2018

The Public's Choice Competition at the Botanic Art Worldwide Exhibition 2018

Public's Choice First Prize winner, Ingrid Howes,
with her vibrant portrait of Carissa macrocarpa

We have always wanted to run a ‘Public’s Choice competition’ during one of our exhibitions, so we were delighted that we managed to do it this time.
Ingrid Howes found us some wonderful prizes from Herbert Evans, Johannesburg’s major art store, who in turn approached a few of their suppliers, including Winsor and Newton, Faber Castell and Arches.
The response was wonderful with around 900 entries and interestingly, the results see-sawed from week to week. Here are the final results:

Ingrid Howes               Carisa macrocarpa      39 votes    Winsor & Newton field watercolour set
                                     BAW 109

Gail de Smidt              Scadoxus puniceu       35 votes      R1000.00 voucher from Herbert Evans
                                     BAW 066

Farhat Iqbal                 Strelitzia nicholai          27 votes      Faber-Castell colour pencil set
                                     BAW 123

Sibonelo Chiliza          Strelitzia nicholai          24 votes      Arches pad of paper
                                     BAW 037

Sibonelo Chiliza          Scadoxus puniceus       24 votes
                                     BAW 038

Janet Snyman              Gasteria rawlinsonii     22 votes
                                     BAW 201

Janet Snyman              Cheiridopsis speciosa  20 votes
                                     BAW 199

Jenny Hyde Johnston   Adenium multiflorum   19 votes
                                      BAW 120

Elbe Joubert                  Erythrina latissima      19 votes
                                       BAW 127

Eric Judd                       Adansonia digitata      18 votes
                                       BAW 133

Congratulations everyone on your beautiful paintings!
The public member winning draw was Keith. He wins Shirley Sherwood and Martyn Rix’s book, ‘Treasures of Botanical Art’.
To our prize winners, congratulations and enjoy your prizes!

Sunday, 10 June 2018

The Explorers' Club visits the Botanical Art Worldwide Exhibition

Whether you are interested in pictures of plants or not, the visit to the botanical art exhibition on 18 May was captivating. The exhibition included artworks by 82 South African botanical artists, with over 800 digitally displayed artworks from 25 countries taking part in this first ever simultaneous worldwide exhibition of contemporary botanical art.

Monday, 4 June 2018

Botanic Art Worldwide Exhibition - the journey...

Getting ready

Preparations began the week before. Unwrapping the artwork was very exciting.
View more photos here

Opening night!

Said Gillian Condy, Exhibition Curator:"I have never seen such enthusiastic crowds at any opening. There were hundreds of them, and then the public streamed in at six o’clock. It was so exciting. Very memorable."

View more photos of the opening here


Walkabouts, artists demos and more have been going on throughout

See more here

The Artworks

Some of the Artists with their wonderful artworks
More photos here

And here we have a link to our presentation of the artworks on You Tube

Our online catalogue can be accessed here