Earlier this week the authors visited Stourhead (Western) Estate in Dorset to study and draw a treescape of one of Britain's most progressively-managed woodlands.
Gabriel Hemery writing The New Sylva
Gabriel Hemery writing The New Sylva in the woodland at Stourhead. An ipad and bluetooth keyboard provide a very mobile solution.
Thanks to the support of owner Nick Hoare, and his forestry consultant David Pengelly of Canopy Land Use, the authors were allowed full access to some of the areas of the large wooded estate where close-to-nature forestry is practiced.
Close-to-nature forestry drawing Sarah Simblet
Close-to-nature forestry drawing in progress by Sarah Simblet
It was stunning to see 100-year-old Douglas fir towering over multitudes of other broadleaved and conifer species of all sizes. Rain showers provided a challenge for Sarah but the raising of a tarpaulin allowed her to continue to work even as the drizzle turned to downpour.
Our thanks to Nick Hoare and David Pengelly.