Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Importance of Feedback and Criticism in Creativity

Having your creative work criticised is not easy. Although ‘creatives’ may not like to hand over their work to get feedback, it plays an incredibly important role in the quality of the project and skills growth of the creative.

Everyone has an opinion. You may feel a certain colour scheme is more appropriate for a room, or perhaps you believe the protagonist in the story actually should have disappeared within the first three pages. But, knowing how and why to ask for and work through constructive feedback can play a fundamental role in developing your work from good to great.
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Friday, 24 July 2015

Six Tips to Get More Money For Your Paintings Without Hurting Sales

Six Tips to Get More Money For Your Paintings Without Hurting Sales

Pricing is the least understood facet of any business, but it’s one that can easily be fixed — without a negative impact. Most of the artists I know are underselling their art, struggling, having to paint too many paintings to keep their heads above water. They are on an exhausting treadmill because their prices are too low.

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Unique plant-naming auction raises nearly R600 000

"The delighted winning bidder said that the beautiful little yellow flower will be named after his mother, Angela. The species will be known as Angela’s touch, Ixia angeliana. It is the perfect gift, and not only will she be immortalised in the scientific journals that name the world’s biodiversity, but Angela will also receive the original botanical illustration of the flower by botanical artist Lisa Strachan."
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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Harry Bolus and Ratelrivier

Shared with permission of Carly Cowell

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