Wednesday, 22 August 2012

KwaZulu Natal Workshop News: Painting demo with Anne Cleveland

Dear All,

We invite you to attend the September Workshop on Saturday 15th September 2012 at Discovery Room Botanical Gardens (Durban) from 9-12.   It will be a watercolour workshop with Anne Cleveland – a well known watercolour artist and member of BAASA.

Anne has illustrated books and is well known throughout RSA and beyond.

Please see below the list of materials to bring.  Please let me know if you are coming, so that I can book your place as seats limited.

Have a great day.

Lynne Griffin 

Dear Lynne,

Here is a list of watercolour requirements for the course I will give Baasa, on 15th Sept. 9a.m to 12a.m.
I will give a short demo on drawing two of my favourite flowers. Strelitzia reginae, and Erythrina caffra.
I will show how to prepare a composition on tracing paper, and then transfer this on to watercolour paper, and start to apply watercolour washes. 

Some people may have a different flower of preference which they may wish to paint. This will be fine because the same rules will apply.

Requirements for the course : 
           2 Imperial size sheets, 300g or more of smooth watercolour paper
           2 large sheets of tracing paper.
           2B or 3B pencils
           Putty erasor
           A board to lean on
           Masking tape
           1 soft pale brown pastel stick
           1 marker pen
           Brushes - Filbert brushes 2,3,5, and 8.
           White palette - polystyrene trays or white saucers are acceptable
           Watercolour paint - Winsor and Newton or Cotmans.
           Plant material of your choice

I am very much looking forward to seeing you on this course on Saturday, 15th September.

Anne Cleveland

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