Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Polychrome Pencil Crayon Workshop by Heila Topp

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On the 16th of March Heila Topp presented an enlightening workshop at the Durban Botanical Gardens on the use of Polychrome Pencil Crayons. For those of us that are unfamiliar with this medium it was inspiring to see what can be achieved. Heila even mentioned that she is now venturing on to creating portraits using pencil crayons and that the results are quite beautiful... Heila has a succinct and encouraging way of teaching which I personally found motivating and this was evident in some of the extraordinary works of art that transpired that day... I only regret not having taken some pictures to post here! Thankfully, Jenny Stevenson took a few snaps of Heila's work which are shown below. They are even more lovely when seen up close!

Ivy leaves on a white background.

Ivy leaves on a black ink background - perfect ink work as well!

A bowl of lemons.

A rose.

A few Arum Lilies.

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